Our ophthalmology service provides treatment and management for a range of conditions affecting the eye.

Although the eye is a small organ, it is very complex and we have a team of specially trained eye care professionals, who provide treatment for diseases and problems that can affect each part of the eye. Our team of specialists provide expert care for conditions including:

Glaucoma, Cataract, Medical retina, including age-related macular degeneration (AMD, Uveitis (inflammation of the middle layer of the eye, Vitreo-retinal (problem with the back of the eye, Oculoplastics (relating to the eyelids, Cornea and anterior segment (relating to the front of the eye, Retinal and YAG laser.

Meet the Consulting Team

Mr John Ferris, Consultant Ophthalmologist, and Mr Nitin Anand, Consultant Ophthalmologist, see patients in clinic and schedule diagnostic tests and operations at Tetbury.

If you require cataract surgery this will be carried out at Tetbury Hospital in our day surgery unit. Occasionally for more complex surgery or diagnostics tests you may need to be referred to a larger hospital. However, thanks to the fundraising of our Friends Committee, virtually all patients receive 100% of their ophthalmic care at the hospital, and rarely have to travel to the larger hospitals.

Ophthalmology appointments

You are likely to have been referred by your GP, or your optician. You will be offered an appointment within two weeks of the referral being received.

At your first appointment you will be seen by one of our team who will take a detailed history of your eye condition, so please bring any medication you are currently taking as well as any glasses that you wear.

You will then be seen by one of our consultants who will take further details of your symptoms, and coordinate the necessary investigations to establish the cause of your condition so that you can begin any necessary treatment. You may need to return to the hospital for a further appointment at one of our specialist clinics, but we try and carry out as much as possible at this appointment.

If you require an interpreter please inform us prior to your appointment.

Preparing for your appointment

Please remember to bring any current medication you are taking and your glasses with a copy of the prescription (if you have any) to your appointment.

You may be given eye drops at your appointment to dilate your pupils. As these will blur your vision for up to four hours you are advised to take public transport or to arrange a lift to and from your appointment.

Please also remember to check your appointment letter for anything specific you have been asked to take with you. In addition, it would be helpful if you could provide:
•Your full address and telephone number(s)
•Your appointment letter
•Your GP’s name and address
•Money to pay for any prescriptions, or an exemption card (We do not have a pharmacy on site)
•A list of questions you may want to ask your consultant

Cancelling or rearranging your appointment

If you need to cancel or rearrange your appointment please let us know as soon as possible. You can speak to us by calling 01666 501778 between 9.30 am and 1pm Monday to Friday, outside of these hours a voice message can be left and we will get back to you, alternatively you may email the Tetbury Booking Office

If you need an operation

Your consultant should have talked to you about the alternatives to surgery and why they believe this is the best option for you.

Your operation date

You will be placed on the waiting list. The Day surgery Unit Coordinator will contact you once all your investigations have been collated and a provisional date has been arranged. There should be at least a week's notice prior to admission. If there is a date or period of time that is inconvenient for you, please let us know.

What to do if your symptoms change

If your condition worsens, please see your GP or dial 111.

Pre-admission clinic

There are two types of pre-admission clinics. These are called first stage and second stage. These clinics aim to prepare you for your operation - both emotionally and physically. A first stage pre-operative assessment routinely happens on the day of your outpatient appointment, if you require a second stage pre-operative assessment an separate appointment will be made prior to your operation. If you have been seen by Mr Baker your pre-operative assessment will take place at Cheltenham General, if you have been seen any other ophthalmic surgeon your pre-operative assessment will take place here at Tetbury Hospital

All patients have a first stage pre-operative assessment, you will be given a questionnaire to complete and you may have some swabs taken. Some patients require a second stage pre-operative assessment, during this appointment you will meet members of the Day Surgery Team and have some important tests.

Members of the team will also talk to you about things to plan beforehand, such as how much time off work you will need, your recovery and how to get home after your surgery.

Your surgery

We will explain to you what will happen during your operation and recovery. The surgeon will also talk through the possible complications with you again.

It is important you understand the treatment you are agreeing to, so please ask questions if you are unsure.
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