Shipton Moyne serves up funds for Tetbury Hospital

    Tennis players in Shipton Moyne raised a massive £4586.00 for The Friends of Tetbury Hospital at their annual tournament for adults and children on 2nd September. The event supports a range of charities and this year kindly supported The Friends. As a bonus The Friends will be able to claim gift aid on £1841.00 of the final total.

    Published 7/10/2017

    Happy Retirement Heather!

    Heather Cotterell has worked in our outpatient booking office for many years, working with our consultants, taking calls from patients and GP surgeries to schedule appointments for clinic. Now, after 23 years of service at Tetbury Hospital she has decided to take her retirement and try to slow down and put her feet up… Heather asked for no fuss, so we kept it low key….kind of!

    Having joined the Trust only a few years after we opened as a charity Heather has seen many changes. Zena Dalton, Chief Executive, said ‘The outpatient booking office is a very important department in the hospital, it is often the first contact point patients have with our service and first impressions are very important. Heather’s professional, personal and happy demeanour put everyone at ease’. Stephen Hirst, Chairman said ‘This is not goodbye, but rather a farewell for now. We hope to see Heather in the booking office again, helping us out…. if she can pull herself away from her well-deserved retirement. Heather is one of our long service employees who have provided great service to Tetbury Hospital and maybe more importantly the community of Tetbury’

    The staff and Trustees would like to thank Heather for her dedicated service to the Hospital and wish her a long and happy retirement.

    Published 24/9/2017

    2017 House to House collection raises just under £18,000

    The final total for the Friends of Tetbury Hospital house-to-house collection is a massive £11,400 (including Gift Aid) – the most that has ever been raised in the annual collection. A huge thankyou to the people of Tetbury and surrounding villages who gave so generously. In addition special thanks go to an anonymous donor who contributed £6,250 (including Gift Aid) to the collection

    This year, with the money raised, the hospital can now purchase an A/B eye scanner, which will enable our patients to have this specialist test carried out at the hospital avoiding the need to travel to Cheltenham. This will enhance our One-Stop eye capability.

    The support of the town and surrounding villages is hugely appreciated and vital, enabling the hospital to provide the very best range of services supported by modern medical equipment”.

    Published 08/09/2107

    New Phototherapy Department at Tetbury Hospital

    Sunlight has been used for thousands of years in the treatment of skin disease. Since February 2017 Tetbury Hospital has been able to offer phototherapy to patients with a range of skin conditions who have been referred via consultant dermatologists.

    The new phototherapy booth was funded thanks to the Friends of Tetbury Hospital who raised the £54,000 needed through various events and activities.

    Phototherapy literally means use of light to treat medical conditions. It is the ultraviolet part of the light produced by the sun which is used in phototherapy. This light reduces the inflammation of the skin and can help in various inflammatory skin disorders, such as psoriasis.

    The treatment involves patients visiting the hospital twice a week for a course of treatment, the length of the course is dependent on the skin condition being treated and the patient’s response to treatment. Patients receive the treatment while standing in a special booth which delivers a measured dose of light.

    The dose of UV light is based on the patient’s skin type. The booth calculates the dose and how long to exposure the skin to the light to ensure that is not damaged. The idea is to reduce inflammation of the diseased skin with a specific dose of UV light being delivered to help the skin condition and minimise further skin damage.

    The hospital has three trained nurses who deliver the phototherapy under the clinical guidance of our consultant dermatologist Dr Tom Millard. Access to this service is via a GP referral to our dermatology service, or, if you are being seen at another hospital for your skin condition and phototherapy has been prescribed you can ask to be referred to us to have your treatment.

    Dr Millard acknowledges the benefits of this type of UV light in treating skin disease, he also advocates limited natural sun exposure as it has a positive impact on vitamin D levels and a person’s general health, as long as a common sense approach to sun-protection is taken. Dr Millard explains, relying on limited exposure to direct sunlight, shade, hats, clothing and, where necessary, sunscreen is the best way to protect your skin, he goes on to explain that avoidance of sunburn in young people is of particular importance in cancer prevention.

    The best advice we could give you this summer is to stay in the shade and not to sunbathe, but the decision is yours, if you choose to sunbathe the second best option to protect your skin is to use sunscreen, applied thickly and frequently enough and without missing bits to achieve the manufacturer’s stated SPF. Above all, enjoy the good weather, stay safe and do not burn!

    Published 14.7.2017


    Coventry Building Society provides a helping hand to Tetbury Hospital
    The Coventry Building Society and its customers have been busy over the past months raising money for Tetbury Hospital and has been able to provide much-needed equipment as a result.

    The Coventry recently handed over a cheque for £870.51 to the Friends of Tetbury Hospital which will buy a vital signs monitor and an electronic thermometer for the Day Surgery Unit. A further £1,100 was raised last year to provide the hospital with a state-of-the-art dermatoscope which helps clinicians see very small changes in the skin to aid early diagnosis.

    The money was raised through sponsored walks, raffles and an ongoing book sale. Some of the Coventry’s customers have also been very generous in making individual donations.

    The Coventry Building Society nominated The Friends of Tetbury Hospital as their Community Partner for the Tetbury Branch in 2015 and in the past couple of years have held various fund-raising events.

    Tetbury Hospital Chief Executive Zena Dalton comments: ‘We have had great support from the Coventry. The generosity of their customers and the commitment the Tetbury branch has put into fund-raising for our town’s hospital is inspiring. Without this type of support we simply wouldn’t exist’.
    Published 22.5.2017

    Local school brightens up Tetbury Hospital
    When Tetbury Hospital asked the Sir William Romney School to do a painting to brighten up the children’s waiting area at the hospital the school’s art students rose to the challenge.

    The colourful mural shows all the well-known buildings in Tetbury and shows ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’ at ‘The Goods Shed’ looking to see what events are on; the Minions playing football at the school and ‘Where’s Wally’ running up Gumstool Hill taking part in the town’s celebrated annual woolsack race. (This year’s race is to be held on Bank Holiday Monday 29th May).
    Mr Davies, Sir William Romney’s art teacher said: ‘The planning work behind the mural was important as we wanted to ensure it included both modern and traditional characters that children of all ages would recognise.’

    Tetbury Hospital Chief Executive Zena Dalton commented: ‘The students have done a fantastic job and we have received a lot of positive comments about the mural. I would also like to thank pupils Mimi Saunders and Leah Manning for their contribution, unfortunately, they were unable to attend the unveiling’.
    Published 22.5.2017


    'Aggers' entertains and raises funds for Tetbury Hospital
    Test Match Special commentator, Jonathan Agnew (‘Aggers’), together with sporting friends he met at the Rio Olympics, entertained fans and locals last Friday (27th January 2017) at the Holy Trinity Church, Long Newnton.

    Aggers chatted with special guest Tina Cook, British three day event rider and three time Olympic medallist and Aggers’ fellow commentator at the Rio Olympics as well as Alistair Bruce-Ball from BBC Radio 5 live. Over £5000 was raised during the evening and over half the proceeds are going to Tetbury Hospital with the rest going towards Long Newnton church.


    How we've spent your donations
    Due to the very generous donations received from individuals, legacies and gifts from other charitable organisations Tetbury Hospital has been able to invest over £170,000 in the Hospital in 2016. It was a busy year…. The lift was upgraded, the staffroom and Day Surgery Unit kitchen was refurbished, new chairs suitable for the elderly and larger patients were purchased for the outpatients department, air-conditioning was added to the Minor Injuries Unit, additional computers have been bought and the physiotherapy department has been refurbished. More blood pressure monitors and podiatric saws and drills were purchased along with three surgical trolleys, new operating lights, a phototherapy machine, an anaesthetic machine and a new dermatoscope to magnify skin lesions. Below are a few example of how local donations have helped your Hospital.

    New Anaesthetic Machine
    Thanks to a very generous anonymous donation the Hospital was able to buy a replacement anaesthetic machine. They were also able to invest in additional surgical equipment for bone surgery and upgrade three of their surgical trolleys to electric ones.

    New Operating Theatre Lights
    The Hospital’s theatre lights were beginning to dim with age but generous donations this year meant that new state of the art theatre lights could be bought. This light has the added safety benefit of a battery back-up, so in the event of a power cut there will be no impact on the theatre light for the milliseconds it takes the Hospital’s generator to kick into action.

    Big Bob’s Golf Day
    When Bob Frayling, Head Groundsman at Westonbirt School, was asked what he wanted as a retirement gift he asked for a Charity Golf Day to be held at Westonbirt Golf Course, with the money raised to go to Tetbury Hospital.
    Bob, who was 70 in January, had been a groundsman and green keeper at Westonbirt since 1982 and in 1999 became their Head Groundsman. He officially hung up his gardening gloves in 2015, having worked part time since 2011 when he turned 65.
    Bob says ‘This was the first time we have put on BB’s Charity Golf Day and we raised £648 for the Hospital. Next year we hope to raise even more’.

    House to House Collection
    A huge thankyou to the people of Tetbury and surrounding villages who gave £9,330 during the hospital’s recent annual house-to-house collection. As just over half of the money collected will benefit from Gift Aid, the taxman will also contribute £700. Also, special thanks go to an anonymous donor who contributed a massive £25,000 (with Gift Aid) to the collection.

    This year money raised will go towards a Fluid Management System which helps measure fluid intake during a gynaecological operation and lets the surgeon and theatre team know if a patient is absorbing too much fluid.

    The Hospital will also be able to buy a Portable ECG recording device. (A diagnostic device which is attached to a patient for 24 hours so a reading of their heart rhythms can be taken when they are performing normal daily tasks).

    Comments John McGrath, chairman of The Friends of Tetbury Hospital, “We are absolutely delighted with this result and thank all who donated in Tetbury and surrounding villages for their generosity. Also, a huge thank you to the volunteers who tramped the streets knocking on doors.

    The support of the town and surrounding villages is hugely appreciated and vital, enabling the hospital to provide the very best range of services supported by modern medical equipment”.

    Published 14/09/2016