Spinal Pain Injection Service  

Recent NICE guidelines have advised against spinal injections for back pain due to limited evidence that they are helpful. Most Pain Consultants and Spinal Surgeons will only perform facet joint injections as part of a diagnostic process. For example injecting the spinal facet joints with local anaesthetic and steroid, can help in the short term, but the injections are not curative. If the injections help but the pain returns there are other procedures which sometimes give longer term benefit. 

Injections around specific discs and spinal nerves (nerve root blocks) are often performed as part of the diagnostic process to work out where the pain is coming from. These injections are performed to help with pain which is referred into an arm or leg usually. These injections can settle down inflammation that arises due to a disc prolapse, which is causing nerve irritation. Again, they are not always curative, but can settle pain down sufficiently to allow people to engage in exercise to strengthen core muscles, and also allow a natural healing to occur. 

There are other treatments for back pain, ranging from medications, physiotherapist, TENS machines, acupuncture to surgical treatment. 

Most patients have tried these approaches but some have either no benefit or intolerable side effects. Many patients are keen to avoid surgery. In a small number of patients intermittent spinal injections are the only treatment that they have found to be helpful, even just for a few months. It is this group of patients to whom we would like to offer this self funding injection service. 

Spinal injections are not always curative but can give patients periods of significant improvement in pain levels. NICE guidelines do not advocate repeat injections. However, if all other treatments have been tried without benefit then this approach is worth considering. 

Most patients will have been under the care of a Spinal Surgeon or a Pain Consultant. They will have had an MRI scan and the source of pain will usually be known.  

For these patients a targeted injection will most likely have been performed. Repeat injections are now no longer funded. If previous injections have helped then this service is to offer further injections on an affordable self pay basis. 

Patients must accept that NICE does not advocate repeat injections. However, if all other treatments have been tried and no surgical treatment is available or desired, then occasional injections that have previously worked may be worth pursuing.  

If you have seen a Spinal Surgeon or Pain Consultant and have had injections that have previously helped, but are no longer funded then please get in touch with our private patients office on 01666 501773.

Lines and Wrinkles       
Botox treatments now available with Mr Jerry Farrier, Maxillofacial Consultant and Mr Ric Caesar, Consultant Ophthalmologist. 

We are excited to announce this new treatment at Tetbury Hospital. To find out more or book an appointment contact our confidential private patient team on 01666 501773.

New Procedure Room - Development and Renovation Works

Work has commenced on the development of our new procedure room and renovations to the day surgery unit. The car park to the left of the hospital entrance has been taken out of use, for the duration of the building work.

Please bear with us whilst we undertake this exciting development to our hospital, on completion we will be able to provide our patients with many more outpatient procedures, together with single sexed bays in our day surgery unit.

Thank you.

New Ophthalmolgy Service at Tetbury Hospital

We are delighted with our updated ophthalmology service which has been developed to provide increased clinic availability, reducing wait times, for our patients. Our team of experienced consultant ophthalmologists perform cataract surgery in our day surgery unit, continuing our commitment to keeping care close to home.

Ask your optician or GP to be referred to Tetbury Hospital. 

Read more about our consultant ophthalmologists by selecting their name.

Mr John Ferris, Consultant Ophthalmologist

Mr Nitin Anand, Consultant Ophthalmologist 

Mr Ian Comaish, Consultant Ophthalmologist

Mr Ric Caesar, Consultant Ophthalmologist

New Consultant Update

Tetbury Hospital has been working hard to expand our team of experienced consultants to bring you increased patient choice across many specialties. Read more about each consultant by selecting their name.

Mr Richard Wilson, Consultant Vascular Surgeon (NHS & private patients)

Mr Farhad Golestani, Consultant Neurologist (private patients)

Mr Charles Daultrey, Consultant ENT Surgeon (NHS)

Anwen Whitham, Clinical Psychologist (private patients)

Mr Steve Hornby, Upper GI & General Surgeon (NHS & private patients)

Mr Shameen Jaunoo, Upper GI & General Surgeon (NHS & private patients)

Private GP Service

We launched our Private GP Service at Tetbury Hospital in February 2018

Our GPs offer rapid access appointments for adults and children throughout the week 
(30 minute appointment £95.00)

To find out more or book an appointment contact: 01666 501773 or email:

Mr Philip Kaloo, Consultant Gynaecologist

We are pleased to welcome Mr Philip Kaloo to Tetbury Hospital Trust.

Mr Kaloo is a highly experienced Consultant Gynaecologist and Laparoscopic Surgeon with a special interest in pelvic pain, endometriosis, menstrual disorders, PCOS and PMS.

Mr Kaloo consults NHS and private patients.

Dr Emily Davies, Consultant Dermatologist

We are also pleased to welcome Dr Emily Davies who has recently joined us at Tetbury Hospital Trust.

Dr Davies covers all areas of dermatology with a special interest in inflammatory skin disorders such as psoriasis, eczema and female genital skin conditions as well as skin tumours.

Dr Davies consults NHS patients.

Mr David Jones, Consultant Urologist

Mr David Jones has been consulting outpatients at Tetbury Hospital since 2005 and continues to do so. We are happy to announce he is now also carrying out surgical procedures in our Day Surgery Unit.

Mr Jones consults NHS and private patients.

NHS referral: if at your GP appointment it is considered you need a urology referral please ask to be seen at Tetbury Hospital.

Private Referral: (Insured & Self-Pay) - Contact our Private Patient Coordinator on 01666 501773.