Plastic Surgery Day Case

Plastic Surgery

Discovering a new lump or bump can be quite a worrying experience especially if you don’t know what it is. For that reason, it is essential that any lump or bump is diagnosed by a medical professional, so that the correct treatment is recommended. Our dermatology team may list you for the removal of your lump or bump as a day case procedure in our day surgery unit.

Lumps and bumps can appear for a variety of reasons. It may be a build-up of dead skin cells, or keratin which forms a spot, cyst or milium, or it could be an overproduction of cells forming a mole, skin tag or keloid scar. Some people can be more prone to developing skin growths because of a genetic predisposition.

Prevention of skin growths isn't always possible and depends upon the type of lump or bump. The NHS does not fund the removal of all lumps and bumps; this will be explained to you at your outpatient appointment.

Your surgery will be undertaken by Mr Umraz Khan or Mr Nicholas Reynolds.

On the day of your operation

You will be admitted to the day surgery unit (DSU) by a registered practitioner who will explain what to expect and answer any questions you may have. The consultant surgeon will see you prior to your surgery and discuss your procedure with you, once you are happy to proceed the consultant will ask you to sign your consent form and then we will proceed with surgery.

After your operation

After your operation has been completed the registered practitioner will run through the care of your surgical wound with you, they will also make sure this is given in written form so you can read it once you get home. Once you've had refreshments and the surgeon is happy with your recovery you will be discharged from the unit and given advice on what to do if you have any problems.

If a follow up appointment is required you will be informed before discharge.