Our Consultant Teams

When you receive a appointment letter from Tetbury Hospital Trust you will be told the type of clinic you are attending, whether it is a nurse-led clinic or a doctor-led clinic.

To find out more about your doctor please click on their name below (listed alphabetically by surname). If your letter states you will be seeing the consultant, this is who you will see; you will not be seen by a member of their team instead, unless this is detailed in your letter.

Some clinics are multi-professional so you may be seen by a healthcare assistant, a nurse, a doctor and if you are attending an ophthalmology appointment you may be seen by an optician too.

Our Charities objective is to provide integrated, seamless healthcare for people and the local communities we serve that is safe, effective and centred around the patient.

One of the ways we achieve this is to offer our consulting rooms and theatres to other larger NHS hospitals and independent providers so they can deliver care closer to home. Should you wish to find out more about consultants who attend here by that method please refer to their host website.

The Joint Drug Formulary is used by all NHS prescribers in Gloucestershire to promote evidence-based, safe, cost-effective prescribing. The Joint Formulary has been developed in the spirit of co-operative collaboration between Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group, Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Gloucestershire Care Services, and 2gether NHS Foundation Trust. Tetbury Hospital Trust Ltd have formally adopted the formulary to ensure all aspects of medicines management are equitable and there is continuity of treatment between the primary and secondary care settings.

This section of the website is still under development and information is still being added
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